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Social Media Audit

City-hopper Sue 

Percent of market- 8%

Age- 26-35

Gender- Female


Summary – Sue is a frequent flyer who loves planning her next sight-seeing vacation. She is on the lookout for a suitcase or messenger bag that is practical and durable, one that will simplify her packing and traveling both at home and abroad. Whether traveling for work or leisure, by plane, train, or automobile, Sue wants luggage that allows her to explore the world on her terms.


Page likes- 556,766

Age Group:  18-50 

Gender Ratio: 56% Male 44% Female

Posts per day- 1-6 


Followers- 50,251

Age Group:  14-25

Gender Ratio: 51% male 49% female

Posts per day- 9-15


Followers- 421,233

Age Group:  18-29

Gender Ratio: 42% male 58% female

Posts per day- 1-3


Followers- 20,241

Age Group:  18-64

Gender Ratio: 36% male 64% female

Posts per day- 7-11


Followers- 1,105

Age Group:  10-28

Gender Ratio: 47% male 53% female

Posts per day- 1-3


Followers- 227,466

Age Group:  17-29

Gender Ratio: 37% male 63% female

Posts per day- 1-4

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